10 KW

Solar PV 10 KW System Technical Details :

 ⇒ 40 X 250 W Solar PV Panels

40 x 250 Watt high efficiency solar panel (10,000 Watts).

⇒ 10 kW Inverter

Extended 10 years warranty option available on selected inverter,

⇒ Certified Australian Standard mountings

Specially trusted by maximum Australian.

⇒ 25 – 30 years performance warranty

10 – 12 Years manufacturers warranty on PV panels.

⇒ Australian standard high quality electrical material

Installation by CEC accredited electricians. 120 months workmanship warranty available.


Must have 80 square meter of roof space with proper sunlight, any roof like tiled, tinned or flat except asbestos roof is suitable to install 10 KW solar system. Just request solar price quote and we can have an energy assessment done across Australia to see how much electricity a 10 KW solar system can produce from your roof.

Please note that we are not any kind of data vendor or connected to any data vendors  and we do not disclose any of our prospect details with out prospects consent. Hybrid Solar Power, a CEC Certified Solar PV System Installation Company follows strict data security policy to make sure your information are secure.

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Please go for CEC certified solar system installer as solar system efficiency greatly depends on proper installation and we Hybrid Solar Power is CEC certified installer in Australia.